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We answer your questions

  • Contact us by phone or email to check availability and reserve the desired model: +34 688 73 84 12 rentalmotodonostia@gmail.com
  • You need to be older than 18, have a valid driver's license for the scooter you want to rent, a valid ID or Passport, and a credit card to make a deposit (we accept cash too). Always present original documents.
  • In addition to the scooter, the rental includes 2 helmets, gloves, a raincoat, anti-theft padlock and third party insurance coverage with travel assistance.
  • The insurance included in the rental price covers third party damages. It also covers travel assistance within the limits set forth in the contract. All accessories (helmet, raincoat, gloves, padlock…) are not covered by insurance and will have to be paid separately in case of loss or damage.
  • The deposit of the scooter is 300€. This deposit can be paid by credit card or cash. This deposit will be returned as long as the vehicle is in the same condition as when it was rented.
  • We check case by case. If the delay is longer than one hour, it prevents us from confirming the next rental, so there is a penalty equivalent to the cost of a half a day. It is always desirable to call before, to coordinate the time with the next tenant, and to avoid any additional charges.
  • Motorcycle must be returned with the full tank. If it is not possible to return the motorcycle in the same condition as when it was collected it, the customer will be charged the fuel difference and 10€ for refueling expenses.
  • For 125cc scooters the limit is 150 km per day. After 150 km, there is a charge of 0.30€ per additional km.
    The 50cc motorcycles have a limit of 70 km per day. The additional cost per km is 0.30€.
  • Yes, always with approved helmet and suitable clothing. In the case of children, special conditions must be taken: they must be seated in the back seat and must necessarily be tall enough to touch with their feet the passanger flootrests. If they are more than 12 years old they can go with anyone of legal age. If they are between 7 and 12 years old they can only go with one parent or legal guardian. Children who are 7 or under, can not go on a scooter.
  • For damage to your scooter, will depend on the culpability of the opponent. In the event of an accident you have the obligation to communicate it as soon as possible by calling RENTAL MOTO DONOSTIA.
  • In any Spanish road of the Iberian Penninsula. Roadside insurance assitance is valid only for roads, never pathways. There is no coverage in underground parking or those of difficult access for car cranes. To go out of the Peninsular territory you must do an insurance coverage extension (ask us). 50cc MOTORCYCLES CAN NOT CIRCULATE IN HIGHWAYS.
  • In San Sebastian you can drive on the BUS/TAXI lane but not on sidewalks or pedestrian crossings. You can only climb over curbs with the engine running and only for parking under certain conditions. You must use the parking areas for motorcycles as a general rule. When this is not possible you can park in battery like cars, except in O.T.A areas in which it is not allowed. In the regulated parking areas of San Sebastian motorcycles do not have to pay.
  • MOTO 50cc MOTO 125cc
    España* Min. 18 years, driving licence B/AM, B (more 1 year) Min. 18 years, A1/A or Min 21 years and 3+ years of experience with B
    Italia Min. 18 years, driving license B/AM Min. 18 years, driving license A1 (max 11KW) or A2 (max 35KW) or A or B (max 11KW)
    Francia Min. 18 years, driving license B/AM Min 20 years, A1/A or B+L5E
    *Note: If the driver's license is not from a country of the European Union or is from a country which does not have an agreement with Spain, an international driver´s license is required.
  • When the motorcycle is delivered, a contract will be formalized and signed in which it is explained in more detail all the previous points and some others.


+34 688 73 84 12


+34 688 73 84 12


C/ Luistarrak 36 bajo - San Sebastián-Donostia 20015